Real Estate Tax

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What is Real Estate Tax?

Real estate taxes are used to fund a variety of items within the community, including infrastructure items like roads, water, sewers,Public services like police, fire, and garbage collection and Public Schools.


Real estate and Property taxes are similar. They are levied on most properties and paid to state and local governments.Real estate taxes funds are used to help pay local and state services.
  • Real estate taxes and property taxes are same.
  • Personal-property taxes are levied on personal property.
  • Real estate taxes cover taxes on real property.
  • They’re levied based on value of a property.
  • It can be considered as a regressive tax.
  • Real estate investments provide equity-building.
  • Real estate investments provide tax-benefits.
  • Real estate investments providecashflow.
Government calculates Real estate tax.

Real estate is calculated by the local government where the property is located and it’s paid by owner of that property. The tax is usually based on value of the owned property.

Governing body use the assessed taxes.

The assessed taxes are used by the local governing bodyto fund water and sewer improvements, and provide law enforcement, fire protection, education, roads and highway construction and for other purposes.

Property tax is imposed on the value of property, which can be real estate or—in many jurisdictions—also tangible personal property. Improvements in water and sewer use the assessed taxes.
Almost all property taxes are imposed on real property, which is legally defined and are classified by the state apparatus. Real property includes the land, the structures, or other fixed buildings.
The term “property taxes” usually refers to real estate taxes that are paid on your home or property. There is a tax on personal property called “personal property tax ,” which isn’t same.
As long as you own the property, you continue to pay real estate taxes. You don’t stop when you pay off your mortgage, nor do you stop if you no longer use the home.