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What is pay roll tax?

A payroll tax is a percentage withheld from an employee’s pay by an employer who pays it to the government on the employee’s behalf. The tax is based on wages, salaries tips etc.


Payroll Services is When you want to go beyond the mentality of just giving out paychecks to your employees, payroll management services allow you to take your human resources management to higher level.
  • Payroll Services provides payroll processing
  • Payroll Services provides a bookkeeping
  • Payroll Services provides HRM management
  • It plays major role in internal operations.
  • Payroll can be handled in-house
  • Company’s department deals with compensation.
  • payroll must be paid accurately.
  • Companies typically process payroll at regular intervals.
Payroll plays major role in internal operations

Payroll plays a major role in the internal operations of a business for several reasons. From the perspective of accounting, payroll and payroll taxes are subject to the laws and regulations.

Companies process payroll at intervals.

The Companies typically process the payroll at a regular intervals. This interval varies from company to company and it will often differ within the company for different employees for larger companies.

This will comprise of wages, gross salaries, perks and any form of remuneration that is paid to the employees. Payroll Tax is the tax withheld, charged or levied on the payroll of an employer.
Employers are responsible for paying state and local payroll tax on behalf of employees. As with federal payroll tax, part of this tax is employer paid and part is employee paid.
Payroll Tax is the tax withheld, charged or levied on the payroll of an employer. This includes all gross salaries, wages, perks or any other forms of remuneration paid to his or her employees.
Deductions From An Employee’s Salary, this category of payroll tax is tax that an employer is required to withhold from his or her employee’s salary or wages and taxes paid by the Employer.