About us

Leading Finance and Consulting business

CITY SIDE ACCOUNTING is a Finance and Consulting business, we assist our client to fix their issues without making them face any kind of struggle. We work as a advisor for their financial purpose. We have experienced accountants employed who resolves all their queries and make them take proper decision, because for us client satisfaction comes first.

We have worked with ample numbers of clients and have guided them with the proper strategies to be undertaken for succeed with flying colours.

  • We identify goals for both personal and business benefits.
  • We do collect and recognize relevant information from the financial data of the client.
  • Implementing client plans and accomplishing them within the deadline.
  • Motivating clients to take part in various plans which help them achieve their future goals.
  • Supervising the plans along with the necessary changes as per the needs of the client.
Our Vision:-

City Side Accounting is a leading finance and consulting business. Our main vision is to serve individual as well as corporate entities which also includes real estate to help with their taxation formulation. Since taxation formulation is a tricky business our company offers services that will make it easier for our clients.

The services we provides under taxation service for corporate and individual entities are Personal income tax, Corporate tax, HST return, Real Estate tax etc,.

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City Side Accounting mission

We not only offer our work for corporates we also serves for individual business as well. We don’t believe is small scale business or a large scale business, our major mission is to deal with all our clients with same interestand to look after all their issues and solve them with equal importance.

Our mission is to make out client achieve their goalhassle freelywithout bearing any problem, and this proficiency made us one of the top leading financial and consulting business for the past 21 years.

City Side Accounting aims for
  • Solving all clients queries.
  • Our client satisfaction.
  • Quick and proper service.
  • Guide you with experienced accountant.
  • Proper analysis of financial data and consult the best.
Our Challenges:-

As City Side Accountant deals with taxation formulation and it is a tricky business, our company faced several challenges while solving the cases and elaborating the financial data. There are various laws and acts to be kept in mind when it comes to taxation and that is the vast challenge.

The Challenge which is faced by the company every time is because every company have its our mission to serve. And our case studies can give you a proper brief about it.

We're Good At

City Side Accounting services.


Accounting tells you whether or not you’re making a profit, what your cash flow is, what the current value of your company’s assets and liabilities is.


Taxation Service is responsible for carrying out state registration of legal entities and natural persons as individual entrepreneurs and farmsteads.


Bookkeeping is a process of recording and organizing all the business transactions that have occurred in the course of the business.

Period ending

Period Ending tax is a financial imposed on an estate based on the current value of its assets, most commonly considered as an property tax